is a coffee roasting company and was born and raised in Neukölln. Our favourite colour is brown. 


We’ll save you the rhetoric on sustainable partnerships and highest quality beans etc… You can read that on any coffee website. Any company that cares about coffee will source it appropriately and we are no different, we do that too.


What does reUp do differently?


We are not very excited about the the coffee ‘scene.’ So no, we don’t always roast as ‘light’ as possible (we also don’t roast very dark) we search for the sweet spot in every coffee or blend we work with. We also believe that there is not only one way to drink coffee and we understand that people like different things in different ways and different situations demand different solutions. We like to be 'inclusive' and we question some things we see in the specialty coffee movement and we have a funny feeling that much of the potential enjoyment has been stripped away in the insanely expensive and overly complicated  search for the perfect cup… as if that is even possible.


Assuming a base level of quality (including sustainability, fair treatment etc…) we believe coffee doesn’t exist on a hierarchy. That means that what Bob looks for in a coffee and what Bill looks for in a coffee may be completely different, but neither Bob nor Bill are more correct than the other. Isn’t that precisely what makes the term ‘culture’ relevant? Does anyone else like that word?


We test a lot of coffees and tend to buy the ones that are, for a lack of a better word… easier. Easier not in taste, but easier in that they are a little bit more forgiving in preparation. Generally that excludes the extremely high acid coffees (although we love acidity.) This means that you can potentially add a little bit less water or a little bit more water and temperature variations are more acceptable. 


That being said, we use profiling software, and scales and timers and we measure water temperature etc… but we try to use those tools to setup general guidelines that make coffee preparation easier. Keep an eye out for some of our preparation tips & tricks in the near future. 


We don't want to be the worlds most advanced roastery or an industry leading coffee company. We stay away from ‘rockstar’ growers and espresso machines that have four zeros on their price tag. We believe those things tend to exclude rather than include. We promote the pleasure of good coffee prepared simply.


I don't have a grinder at home, will you grind it for me?


In short, no, nein, nay. That's not because we don’t like you, it's quite the opposite in fact - it's because your mouth means everything to us. Grinding your coffee right before brewing is one of the most critical steps in enjoying it. We couldn't take that away from you. Even using a crappy old blade grinder will greatly improve your coffee experience. Please feel welcome to contact us if you want any advice on good home grinders.






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