Blacktop Espresso


Roasted 'Full City' - dark (but not that dark, black is an exaggeration.)  Still,  a bold, rich espresso that packs a bittersweet punch. Great straight up and even better in espresso based milk drinks.


Colombia Narino Excelso (washed)

Brazil Cemorrado  (natural)

Uganda Mt.Elgon Gibuzale (washed)


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Rwanda Humure Baho


A sun dried natural coffee, roasted light. Intense & very sweet. Not your typical traditional espresso. Delicious

& Juicy w/ dried Fruit


Process: Natural

Elevation: 1.600 - 1.900 M

Region: Gatsibo District

Variety: Red Bourbon 



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Redtop Espresso


Medium roast (Medium City), a little acidity, sweet, not a hint of bitterness. Perfect for every occasion. Great as espresso but with enough kick for espresso based milk drinks. 



Brazilian Finca Santa Maria (pulped)

Brazilian Cemorrado  (natural) 

Uganda Mt.Elgon Gibuzale (washed)


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Colombian Tolima Decaf. Espresso

Decaffeinated - E.A. Sugar process - no chemicals.

Medium bodied w/ caramel, vanilla and toast.

The best decaf ever !


Process: Washed

Elevation: 1.700 -2.000 M

Region: Tolima

Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Typica



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