Blacktop Espresso


Roasted Venetian - dark (but not that dark, black is an exaggeration.)  Still,  a bold, rich espresso that packs a bittersweet punch. Great straight up and great in espresso based milk drinks.


Columbia Huila (washed)

Brazil Cemorrado  (natural)

Indo. Blue Batak (wet-hulled)


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Bluetop Espresso



Roasted city (light/medium) and accordingly has good body and a silky mouthfeel. It is very clear and semi-sweet. Designed with a touch of fruit and has a pleasant but not overpowering acidity. 


Brazilian Fazenda Cruz (pulped)

Ethiopian Lekempti (washed)


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34,00 € / kg
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Redtop Espresso


Medium roast (full city), very little acidity, sweet, not a hint of bitterness. Perfect for every occasion. Great as espresso but with enough kick for espresso based milk drinks. 


Brazilian Fazenda Cruz (pulped)

Brazilian Cemorrado  (natural) 

Indo. Blue Batak (wet hulled)



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31,60 € / kg
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Ethiopian Matahara Espresso


A sun dried natural coffee, roasted light. Intense & very sweet. Not your typical espresso... but who would want that?


Process: Natural

Elevation: 1.600 - 2.120 M

Region: Arsi & Bale

Variety: Mixed Heirloom 



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